Battle of Cēsis (1210)

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Battle of Cēsis (1210)
Part of Livonian Crusade
Date 1210
Location Cēsis, Latvia
Result Livonian Victory
Counties of Ancient Estonia Sword Brethren, vends
Latgalians from Tālava
? ?
Casualties and losses
? ?

The Battle of Cēsis was fought between native Estonian forces and the Germanic knights (known as the Livonian Brothers of the Sword) and their allies during the Livonian Crusade.

In 1210 the Estonian counties launched several raids on the strongholds in Latvia, guarded by the Sword Brethren. A large number of Estonian troops began besieging the stronghold of Cēsis, which had become a very important strongpoint for the Livonian Order. The Estonians attempted to set the stronghold on fire by building a large turret. Attacking from above and below, the defenders were put in a difficult situation. The stronghold was attacked for three days and the defenders probably wouldn't have been able to keep defending it, if on the fourth day the besiegers hadn't unexpectedly left. The Estonians had received a message from their scouts that a large number of enemy troops led by Caupo of Turaida was heading towards Cēsis to relieve the army trapped inside the stronghold. Without waiting for the whole relief army, the besieged troops began chasing the retreating Estonian army with some of the newly arrived Livonians and Latgalians.[1]


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