Battle of Cabezón

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Battle of Cabezón
Part of the Peninsular War
Date12 June 1808
Location41°44′00″N 4°38′47″W / 41.7333°N 4.6464°W / 41.7333; -4.6464
Result French victory
Spain Spain France First French Empire
Commanders and leaders
Gregorio de la Cuesta Jean-Baptiste Bessières
Antoine Lasalle
300 regular cavalry
4,700 militia
4 guns[1]
Total: 5,000
9,000 regulars
Casualties and losses
1000 dead[2] 50 dead[3]
Peninsular war: Spanish uprising 1808
  current battle

The Battle of Cabezón was an engagement early in the Peninsular War on 12 June 1808 between a small Spanish militia force, based in Valladolid, and a detachment of Marshal Bessières' French Army Corps under General Lasalle.[2]


At Cabezon, a village surrounded by vineyards, near the Pisuerga, Lasalle had scouted the Spanish position. He ordered General Sabatier to attack them, while Merle cut them off from retreating to Valladolid. They stood the enemy's fire about 30 minutes, then began to flee, leaving behind a 1000 dead and 4000 muskets. Cuesta, with the remains of his army, retired to Leon.[2]

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