Battle of Cabra

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Battle of Cabra
Part of the Reconquista
Reino de Sevilla s. XI.png
Map of the Taifa of Sevilla.
Result Victory for Taifa of Sevilla
Taifa of Seville Taifa of Granada
Commanders and leaders
Al-Mu'tamid ibn Abbad
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar "El Cid"
Abdallah ibn Buluggin
García Ordóñez (POW)
Diego Pérez (POW)
Lope Sánchez (POW)
Fortuño Sánchez

The Battle of Cabra took place in 1079 in southern Iberia (now Spain) between two Islamic states, Granada and Seville. Each side was aided by Castilian knights under Alfonso VI. It resulted in a victory for El Cid (Rodrigo Díaz), who routed the invading forces of Emir Abd Allah of Granada and his Christian allies led by Count García Ordóñez.[1] El Cid captured Ordóñez and other Christian knights and held them for three days until releasing them to return to Castile.[2]

Following this, in the battle of Coria, Alfonso VI (already king of Castile and León) defeated the Muslim Emir of Badajoz, Al-Mutawwakkil.

Al-Mutawwakkil renounced control of Toledo, and al-Qadir was reinstated. A Leonese garrison was established at Zorita to the east of Toledo.


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