Battle of Cannanore

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Battle of Cannanore (1506)
Part of Portuguese-Mamluk War / Ottoman-Portuguese conflicts
DateMarch 1506
Cannanore, India
Result Portuguese victory
Flag of Portugal (1495).svg Portuguese Empire

Kingdom of Calicut
Gujarat Sultanate Flag.gif Gujarat Sultanate

 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Lourenço de Almeida Samorin
3 naus
1 caravel
several foists[1]
Over 200 vessels[2]
Casualties and losses
None A few dozen ships

The Battle of Cannanore took place in 1506 off the harbour of Cannanore in India, between the Indian fleet of the Zamorin of Calicut and a Portuguese fleet under Lourenço de Almeida, son of the Viceroy Almeida.

The Indian fleet, consisting of about 200 ships equipped with cannons manufactured with the help of two Milanese Italians, was manned by Hindu, Arab and Turkish crews.[1] Soldiers from the Ottoman Empire participated on the Indian side.[3]

This encounter ended in a Portuguese victory. It was followed by another Portuguese success at the siege of Cannanore in 1507, but then a Portuguese defeat at the Battle of Chaul in 1508.[1]

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