Battle of Casma

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Battle of Casma
Part of War of the Confederation
Combat de Casma 1.jpg
Painting of the battle of Casma by Álvaro Casanova Zenteno
Date January 12, 1839
Location Near Casma in Peru
Result Chilean victory
Naval Jack of Chile.svg Chilean Navy French corsairs serving the Confederation
Commanders and leaders
Chile Robert Winthrop Simpson Juan Blanchet 
2 corvettes
1 barque
1 brigantine
1 schooner
1 corvette
1 barque
Casualties and losses
8 dead
8 wounded
13 dead
70 prisoners
1 brigantine captured

The Battle of Casma (Spanish: Batalla de Casma or Combate Naval de Casma) was a confrontation that occurred on January 12, 1839, during the War of the Confederation, a conflict between Chile and the Peru–Bolivian Confederation.