Battle of Chandawar

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The Battle of Chandawar (1193 or 1194) was fought between Muhammad Ghori and Jaichand of Kannauj of the Gahadavala dynasty.[1] It took place at Chandawar (modern Chandawal near Ferozabad[2]), on the Yamuna River close to Agra. Jaichand was defeated, giving Muhammad control of much of northern India.[3]

The battle was fought at Chandawar, on the Yamuna River close to Agra.


In most accounts the Gahadavalas were close to victory when an arrow hit Jaichand in the eye, killing him. He fell off his elephant, was trampled, and after the battle could only be identified by the gold caps on his teeth. With their leader gone the Gahadavala army broke and fled, taking heavy casualties during the pursuit.[4]

The Kannauj army expected Ghori to attack the capital next, but he chose to target the defenseless city of Varanasi, a famous Hindu pilgrim center. But Rajput resistance continued till Jayachandra's son, Harishchandra, recovered Kanauj, Jaunpur and Mirzapur in AD 1197. Kanauj seems to have stayed independent until Iltumish conquered it.[5]


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