Battle of Changzhou

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Battle of Changzhou
Date25 December 1863–11 May 1864 (decisive phase between 25 April and 11 May )
Changzhou and towns outside Jintan
Result Qing Dynasty victory
Southeastern China
Qing dynasty Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Governor of Jiangsu Li Hongzhang (then 40 years)
Lieutenant General Bao Chao
Charles George Gordon
Major General Zhou Shengbo(周盛波)
Zhang Shusheng
Liu Mingchuan

Chen Kunshu
Li Shixian(defended Jintan early)

Chen Jueshu
Fei Tianjan(費天將)

110,000 Huai Army

4,000 Ever Victorious Army
80,000 Taipings
Casualties and losses
15,000 Huai Army killed unknown

Battle of Changzhou occurred during the Taiping Rebellion. It was won by the Qing dynasty, who regained control over all of Jiangsu.


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