Battle of Charasiab

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The Battle of Charasiab was fought on 6 October 1879 during the Second Anglo-Afghan War between British and Indian troops against Afghan forces.

Charasiab is a town 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) south of Kabul, British forces passing near it during their advance to Kabul.

The British were led by Major-General Sir Frederick Roberts, then commander of the Kabul Field Force, and the Afghans by Nek Mohammed Khan, Governor of Kabul and uncle of Yakub Khan, the former Amir. Having driven the Afghans from the hills surrounding Charasiab, the British were able to resume their advance on Kabul.

The spelling of the battle varied, with the regiments present receiving the battle honour 'Charasiah',[1] while a clasp was authorised for the Afghanistan Medal inscribed 'Charasia'.[2]


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