Battle of Chinhai

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Battle of Chinhai
Part of First Opium War
Close of the engagement at Chin-hae.jpg
Close of the engagement at Chinhai
Date 10 October 1841
Location Chinhai, China
Result British victory

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Qing Dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Hugh Gough
2,098 troops[1] 8,000–9,000 troops[2]
Casualties and losses
3 killed,[3]
16 wounded[3]
Several hundred casualties,[4]
157 ordnances captured[5]

The Battle of Chinhai was fought between British and Chinese forces in Chinhai (now the Zhenhai District of Ningbo), China, on 10 October 1841 during the First Opium War.

During the Taiping Rebellion the opium clipper Eamont ran up to the threatened city of Ningpo, passing right through the Battle of Chinhai, which was being waged not only on the banks but in the river itself.



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