Battle of Chiset

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Battle of Chiset
Date 21 March 1373
Location Chizé, France
46°06′59″N 0°20′47″W / 46.1164°N 0.3464°W / 46.1164; -0.3464Coordinates: 46°06′59″N 0°20′47″W / 46.1164°N 0.3464°W / 46.1164; -0.3464
Result French victory
England France
Commanders and leaders
John Devereux Bertrand du Guesclin
700 1500

The Battle of Chiset also known as the Battle of Chizai or Battle of Chizé was fought at Chizé on 21 March 1373 between English and French forces during the Hundred Years War. The French had laid siege to the town and the English sent a relief force. The French, led by Bertrand du Guesclin, met the relief force and defeated it.

It was the last major battle in the Valois campaign to recover the county of Poitou, which had been ceded to the English by the Treaty of Brétigny in 1360. The French victory put an end to English domination in the area.


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