Battle of Chojnice (1939)

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Battle of Chojnice
Part of the Invasion of Poland
Date1 September 1939
Result German military victory
Polish tactical victory
 Germany  Poland
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Mauritz von Wiktorin Poland Tadeusz Majewski

The Battle of Chojnice occurred during the 1939 German invasion of Poland on the first day of the hostilities, 1 September. A detached unit from the Polish army Chojnice Detached Group under Colonel Tadeusz Majewski, part of the Czersk Operational Group under Stanisław Grzmot-Skotnicki, was assigned the task of defending the city of Chojnice, a major regional communications center, to protect the southern flank of Army Pomorze.

The German attacks started at 04:30 with Stuka dive bombers, from 3/1 Stuka Geschwader, attacking the Tczew bridge. The Wehrmacht then tried to sneak armoured cars into the station, but the Poles destroyed the bridge beforehand. Finally, an armored train attack on Chojnice was repulsed.[1]:42

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Coordinates: 53°42′00″N 17°34′00″E / 53.700000°N 17.566667°E / 53.700000; 17.566667