Battle of Chumonchin Chan

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Battle of Chumonchin Chan
Part of the Korean War
KoreanWar NK TB2.JPG
Torpedo boat No.21 on display at the Museum of Victory of the Fatherland Liberation War, Pyongyang. According to North Korean propaganda, this boat received credit for sinking the USS Baltimore.
DateJuly 2, 1950
off Chumonchin Chan, Sea of Japan
Result United Nations victory

 United Nations:

 North Korea
Commanders and leaders
Jesse D. Sowell unknown
2 cruisers
1 frigate
4 torpedo boats
2 gunboats
10 ammunition ships
Casualties and losses
None Unknown human casualties,
3 torpedo boats sunk

The Battle of Chumonchin Chan or the Action of 2 July 1950 was the battle fought between surface combatants during the main phase of the Korean War. It began after an Allied flotilla encountered a Korean People's Navy supply fleet.


On 2 July 1950, USS Juneau, HMS Black Swan, and HMS Jamaica were sailing along the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea) when they encountered four North Korean torpedo and gunboats that had just finished escorting a flotilla of ten ammunition ships up the coast. The North Korean torpedo boats began an attack on the allied ships.

Before their torpedoes could be fired however, they were met with a salvo of gunfire from the United Nations ships which destroyed three of the torpedo boats. The surviving North Korean craft fled. Later in July, Juneau encountered the same ammunition ships and destroyed them.