Battle of Chuncheon

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Coordinates: 37°52′N 127°44′E / 37.867°N 127.733°E / 37.867; 127.733

Battle of Chuncheon
Part of Korean War
Date 25–29 June 1950
Location Chuncheon
Result Decisive ROK victory
Successful ROK withdrawal
Devastation of DPRK II Corps
Overall DPRK strategy failure
 North Korea  South Korea
Commanders and leaders
North Korea Kim Gwang-hyup
North Korea Lee Cheong-song
North Korea Jeon Woo
North Korea Park Sung-cheol
South Korea Kim Jong-oh
South Korea Ham Byeong-seon
South Korea Lim Boo-taek
South Korea Min Byeong-kwan
South Korea Kim Sung
II Corps 6th Infantry Division

The Battle of Chuncheon was one of a series of coordinated attacks beginning on 25 June 1950 that marked the beginning of the Korean War.

Battle of Chuncheon[edit]


  • II Army - Brigadier General Kim Gwang-hyup
    • 2nd Infantry Division - Brigadier General Lee Cheong-song
    • 7th Infantry Division - Brigadier General Jeon Woo
    • 15th Infantry Division - Brigadier General Pak Song-chol

Republic of Korea[edit]

  • 6th Infantry Division - Colonel Kim Jong-oh
    • 2nd Infantry Regiment - Colonel Ham Byeong-seon
    • 7th Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Lim Boo-taek
    • 19th Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Min Byeong-kwan
    • 16th Artillery Battalion - Major Kim Sung