Battle of Chuncheon

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Coordinates: 37°52′N 127°44′E / 37.867°N 127.733°E / 37.867; 127.733

Battle of Chuncheon
Part of Korean War
Date25–29 June 1950
Result North Korean victory
Successful ROK withdrawal
 North Korea  South Korea
Commanders and leaders
North Korea Kim Gwang-hyup
North Korea Lee Cheong-song
North Korea Jeon Woo
North Korea Park Sung-chul
South Korea Kim Jong-oh
South Korea Ham Byeong-seon
South Korea Lim Boo-taek
South Korea Min Byeong-kwan
South Korea Kim Sung
II Corps 6th Infantry Division

The Battle of Chuncheon was one of a series of coordinated attacks beginning on 25 June 1950 that marked the beginning of the Korean War.

Battle of Chuncheon[edit]

Democratic Republic of Korea[edit]

  • II Army - Brigadier General Kim Gwang-hyup
    • 2nd Infantry Division - Brigadier General Lee Cheong-song
    • 7th Infantry Division - Brigadier General Jeon Woo
    • 15th Infantry Division - Brigadier General Pak Song-chol

Republic of Korea[edit]

  • 6th Infantry Division - Colonel Kim Jong-oh
    • 2nd Infantry Regiment - Colonel Ham Byeong-seon
    • 7th Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Lim Boo-taek
    • 19th Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Min Byeong-kwan
    • 16th Artillery Battalion - Major Kim Sung