Battle of Coron (1793)

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Battle of Coron (1793)
Part of the War in the Vendée
Date18 September 1793
Result Vendean victory
Kingdom of France French Royalists France Republican France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of France Louis de Lescure
Kingdom of France Dominique Piron
France Jean Rossignol
France Antoine Santerre
Units involved
Kingdom of France Catholic and Royal Army France Army of the Coasts of La Rochelle
12,000, 3 guns 17,000, 24 guns
Casualties and losses
? 24 guns

The Battle of Coron (18 September 1793) was fought between Royalist and Republican French forces near Coron during the War in the Vendée. A Republican division from Saumur led by Antoine Joseph Santerre beat Royalist Vendeans at Doué-la-Fontaine on 15 September and at Vihiers on the 17th. However, on 18 September Santerre's division blundered into an ambush between Vihiers and Coron set by Louis Marie de Lescure and Dominique Piron. The Republican column was routed and lost all its artillery. A few days later, a flanking Republican division under Charles François Duhoux was beaten in the Battle of Pont-Barré. In mid-September the Republican Army of the Coasts of La Rochelle under Jean Antoine Rossignol advanced into the Vendée from the south and east at the same time as the Army of the Coasts of Brest and the Army of Mainz commanded by Jean Baptiste Camille Canclaux marched in from the west. In battles at Coron, Pont-Barré, Tiffauges, Montaigu and Saint-Fulgent, the Vendean rebels massed against and defeated each Republican invading column.


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Coordinates: 47°07′42″N 0°38′35″W / 47.12833°N 0.64306°W / 47.12833; -0.64306