Battle of Dębe Wielkie

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Battle of Dębe Wielkie
Part of Polish-Russian War 1830-1831
Date 31 March 1831
Location Dębe Wielkie near Warsaw, Poland
Result Polish tactical victory
 Poland Russia Imperial Russia
Commanders and leaders
Poland Jan Skrzynecki Russia Geismar
40,000 all, 116 canons 13,000 infantry, 5,000 cavalry, 49 canons
Casualties and losses
unknown 2,500 dead, 3,000 captured

The Battle of Dębe Wielkie was fought on 31 March 1831. The Polish army, led by Jan Skrzynecki, won over Russian curtain forces commanded by General Geismar.


Following the battle of Grochów of 25 February, the Russian advance under General Hans Karl von Diebitsch through Praga did not occur, and he decided to cross Vistula river south of the city trying to take it "from land".


The Poles, numbering some 40,000 men (both bayonettes and sabres) and 116 cannons on March 31th 1831 advanced from Praga on nearbystanding Russian vanguard under General Geismar and attacked it. Manouevring and retreating all day, Geismar went to the village of Debe Wielkie by 4 p. m. Russian force was almost finished but arrival of 3 fresh regiments allowed Geismar to get out of trouble and take hold at the town of Siedlce.


Although Poles gained some ground and inflicted heavy casualties on Russians, they did not manage to achieve their main goal — to finish Rosen's Observation Corps and expose Diebitsch's line of supply.


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Coordinates: 52°30′18″N 21°36′12″E / 52.505000°N 21.603333°E / 52.505000; 21.603333