Battle of Damghan (1447)

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For the 18th Century battle of the same name, see Battle of Damghan (1729).
Battle of Damghan
Part of Timurid Civil Wars
Date 1447
Location Damghan, Semnan Province, Iran
Result Tactical Timurids of Samarkand Victory
Strategic Timurids of Khurasan Victory
Timurids of Khurasan Timurids of Samarkand
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Prefect?
Abul-Qasim Babur Mirza
Abdal-Latif Mirza

When Abdal-Latif Mirza reached Damghan, the prefect sealed the city and showed his opposition. After a skirmish and siege, the prince took the city by force and gave it over to general plunder. From Damghan, Abdal-Latif Mirza went to Bistam. At this city he learned of the progress made by Abul-Qasim Babur Mirza who had taken Jurjan and Mazandaran and thereby cut-off Abdal-Latif Mirza's path north to Samarkand. Abdul-Latif Mirza now had no choice but to move east arriving at Nishapur where he learned that Ala-ud-Daulah Mirza had taken Mashad. He was now completely encircled, he had nowhere to go. Finally he was attacked at Nishapur on 20 April 1447 by Ala-ud-Daulah Mirza's army and defeated.