Battle of Delft

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Battle of Delft
Part of the Sri Lankan Civil War
Date December 25, 2007
Location off Delft, Sri Lanka
Result Disputed
Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Air Force (Close air support) Sea Tigers
12 fast attack craft, helicopter gunships and Kfir fighter jets unknown
Casualties and losses

Government Claims 12 dead[1][2] one boat damaged,

rebels claim one sunk one damaged

Government Claims 9 boats sunk and 40 dead,

rebels claim 4 dead

The Battle of Delft was a naval battle on December 25, 2007 and part of the Sri Lankan Civil War. The Sri Lankan Navy claimed that it received reports of a boat cluster moving off of Delft Island. After moving in to investigate clashes erupted and fierce sea battle ensued. Both sides claimed to have victory. The pro-rebel Tamilnet claimed that the Sea Tigers sank one Sri Lankan Navy vessel and the Sri Lankan Navy suffered casualty. However, the Sri Lankan Defense ministry claimed that 6 Tiger boats were sunk and over 40 Tigers were killed.


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