Battle of Digomi

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Battle of Digomi
Part of the Persian invasions of Georgia
Date 1567
Location Near Digomi, Tbilisi
Result Georgian victory
Georgians Persians
Commanders and leaders
King Simon I of Kartli Daut-Khan
Casualties and losses
2,000 Unknown

The Battle of Digomi was part of a campaign launched by the Georgian king Simon I of Kartli aimed at the liberation of the capital Tbilisi from the Persians in 1567.

King Simon’s troops encamped at Digomi valley near Tbilisi and began preparations for a siege. The city was defended by Daut Khan, a Georgian ruler appointed by the Safavid Shah Tahmasp I. Daut Khan attempted to make a sortie with his Persian force, but was routed by Simon’s cavalry and found shelter within the walls of Tbilisi Fortress. The Kartlian troops invested the fortress, but could not take it and the campaign ended unsuccessfully.

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