Battle of Doire Leathan

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Battle of Doire Leathan
Part of the O'Donnell Succession Dispute
Date3 September 1590
LocationDoire Leathan, County Donegal, Ulster, Kingdom of Ireland
Result Sir Donnell O'Donnell is killed
Supporters of Hugh Roe O'Donnell Supporters of Sir Donnell O'Donnell
Commanders and leaders
Sir Donnell O'Donnell

The Battle of Doire Leathan took place on 3 September 1590 at Doire Leathan in south-western County Donegal in Ulster, Ireland, as part of the ongoing succession dispute for the leadership of the Gaelic lordship of O'Donnell. A force of Scottish Redshank mercenaries hired by Ineen Dubh on behalf of her son Hugh Roe O'Donnell defeated and killed the leading rival to the O'Donnell lordship of Tyrconnell, Sir Donnell O'Donnell.[1] Hugh Roe was at the time imprisoned in Dublin Castle, but later rose to head the O'Donnells and was a prominent figure during Tyrone's Rebellion.


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