Battle of Ecbatana

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Battle of Ecbatana
Part of Seleucid–Parthian wars
Date 129 BC
Location Ecbatana, Iran
Result Decisive Parthian victory
The Parthians annexes Media from the Seleucids
Parthians Seleucids
Commanders and leaders
Phraates II Antiochus VII Sidetes  
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Battle of Ecbatana was fought in 129 BC between the Seleucids led by Antiochus VII Sidetes and the Parthians led by Phraates II. Phraates II (ca. 139/138 BC - ca. 128 BC) faced the final attempt on the part of the Seleucids to regain their power in the east. The Seleucids suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Ecbatana and Antiochus VII himself perished. This battle marked the decisive and final defeat for the Seleucid kingdom by the Parthians.

Coordinates: 4°47′46″N 48°30′57″E / 4.7961°N 48.5158°E / 4.7961; 48.5158