Battle of Erzurum (1877)

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Battle of Erzurum (1877)
Part of the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)
Date 8-9 November 1877
Location Erzurum, Ottoman Empire
Result Ottoman victory
 Russian Empire  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mikhail Loris-Melikov Ahmed Muhtar Pasha
120,000 30,000
Casualties and losses
3,000 dead[1] 1,000-1,600 dead

The Battle of Erzurum was a military engagement fought between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78. The battle was fought on 8-9 November 1877 and resulted in an Ottoman victory, stopping the Russian advance into Anatolia.

After two victories at Alacadağ and Dereboynu, the numerically superior Russian army continued to advance further east into Anatolia. In order to improve the Ottoman defensive situation, Müşir (Field Marshal) Ahmed Muhtar Pasha withdrew his forces to Erzurum. Muhtar Pasha had about 30,000 troops (mainly local militia) under his command and faced a Russian force of approximately 120,000 under the command of General Mikhail Loris-Melikov. After surrounding the city, the Russian force besieged it for two days. Due to stiff Ottoman resistance, Melikov decided to withdraw his army and instead attack Kars, which he succeeded in capturing. Muhtar Pasha requested reinforcements from Constantinople but was unable to receive any. After this he withdrew his forces to Bayburt for the remainder of the war. Ahmed Muhtar Pasha was awarded the title Gazi due to his victories at Erzurum, Gedikler and Yahniler.


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