Battle of Evarts

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Battle of Evarts
Date May 5, 1931
Location Evarts, Kentucky, United States
Outcome Four deaths

The Battle of Evarts is the name given to a mining strike and ensuing violence that occurred in Harlan County, Kentucky, in 1931. In February 1931 The Harlan County Coal Co. cut wages for its employees. The United Mine Workers union responded by holding a rally in Pineville, drawing over 2,000 attendees. This and other wage cuts and firings led to a strike, and on May 5 Sheriff Jim Daniels (who was reportedly on the payroll of the Black Mountain Coal Co.) and "three carloads of deputies armed with machine guns, sawed off shotguns and rifles drove into Evarts" to confront the striking miners. It is unclear who fired first, but after the battle Jim Daniels, two of his deputies and one miner had died.[1] Eventually Gov. Flem D. Sampson called in the National Guard to stop the strike. It ended in June after several deaths and arrests.


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