Battle of Fatshan Creek

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Battle of Fatshan Creek
Part of Second Opium War
Battle of Fatshan Creek, a Royal Navy vs Chinese war junks.JPG
The advance of the British boats during the naval battle at Fatshan Creek by Oswald Walter Brierly.
Date June 1, 1857
Location Foshan, China
Result British victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom Qing China
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Henry Keppel unknown
1 sloop-of-war
1 steamer
7 gunboats
1 fort
1 shore battery
~100 war-junks

The Battle of Fatshan Creek (佛山水道之戰) was a naval engagement fought between the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and the Cantonese fleet of Qing China on June 1, 1857. Commodore Henry Keppel sought out and destroyed the Chinese fleet before advancing to the city of Canton for its capture.[1]



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Coordinates: 23°01′44″N 113°07′08″E / 23.029°N 113.119°E / 23.029; 113.119