Battle of Feyiase

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Battle of Feyiase
Date 1701
Location Feyiase, Ghana, West Africa
Result Decisive Asante victory; Fall of Denkyira kingdom and establishment of Asante Union
Ashanti Empire Kingdom of Denkyira
Commanders and leaders
Asantehene Osei Tutu Denkyirahene Ntim Gyakari

The Battle of Feyiase was the decisive battle in the struggle that led to the Ashanti Empire replacing Denkyira as the dominant power among the Twi-speaking Akan peoples.

Prior to this battle the Denkyirahene Ntim Gyakari thought he was doing well in the war, having driven the Ashanti (Asante) forces from Adunkra, Aboatem and Aputuogya. However this was all part of Osei Tutu's plan to ambush the forces of Denkyira.

At Feyiase the full force of Asante fell upon the Denkyiran forces, and they were routed. Ntim Gyakari was killed and the power of Denkyira was broken.


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