Battle of Franklin (1864) Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Franklin (1864). The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed
  • c = captured

Army of Tennessee[edit]

Gen John B. Hood, Commanding

Lee's Corps[edit]

LTG Stephen D. Lee

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Johnson's Division
     MG Edward Johnson (c, Nashville)

Deas's Brigade

   BG Zachariah C. Deas (w)

  • 19th Alabama
  • 22nd Alabama
  • 25th Alabama
  • 39th Alabama
  • 50th Alabama
Manigault's Brigade

   BG Arthur M. Manigault (w)
   Ltc William L. Butler

  • 24th Alabama
  • 28th Alabama
  • 34th Alabama
  • 10th South Carolina
  • 19th South Carolina
Sharp's Brigade

   BG Jacob H. Sharp

  • 7th Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi
  • 10th Mississippi
  • 41st Mississippi
  • 44th Mississippi
  • 9th Mississippi Sharpshooters Battalion
Brantley's Brigade

   BG William F. Brantley

  • 24th-27th Mississippi
  • 29th-30th Mississippi
  • 34th Mississippi
  • Dismounted Cavalry Company

Stevenson's Division
     MG Carter L. Stevenson

Cummings's Brigade

   Col Elihu P. Watkins

  • 24th Georgia
  • 36th Georgia
  • 39th Georgia
  • 56th Georgia
Pettus's Brigade

   BG Edmund W. Pettus

  • 20th Alabama
  • 23rd Alabama
  • 30th Alabama
  • 31st Alabama
  • 46th Alabama

Clayton's Division
     MG Henry D. Clayton, Sr.

Stovall's Brigade

   BG Marcellus A. Stovall

  • 40th Georgia
  • 41st Georgia
  • 42nd Georgia
  • 43rd Georgia
  • 52nd Georgia
Gibson's Brigade

   BG Randall L. Gibson

  • 1st Louisiana
  • 4th Louisiana
  • 13th-20th Louisiana
  • 16th-25th Louisiana
  • 19th Louisiana
  • 30th Louisiana
  • 4th Louisiana Battalion
  • 14th Louisiana Sharpshooters Battalion
Holtzclaw's Brigade

   BG James T. Holtzclaw

  • 18th Alabama
  • 32nd Alabama
  • 36th Alabama
  • 38th Alabama
  • 58th Alabama

Corps Artillery
     Col Robert F. Beckham (mw)
Maj John W. Johnston

Courtney's Battalion

   Cpt James P. Douglas

  • Dent's Alabama Battery
  • Douglas's Texas Battery
  • Garrity's Alabama Battery
Eldridge's Battalion

   Cpt Charles E. Fenner

  • Eufaula Alabama Battery
  • Fenner's Louisiana Battery
  • Stanford's Miss Battery
Johnson's Battalion

   Cpt John B. Rowan

  • Corput's Georgia Battery
  • Marshall's Tenn Battery
  • Stephens's Light Artillery

Stewart's Corps[edit]

LTG Alexander P. Stewart

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Loring's Division
     MG William W. Loring

Featherston's Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Featherston

  • 1st Mississippi
  • 3rd Mississippi
  • 22nd Mississippi
  • 31st Mississippi
  • 33rd Mississippi
  • 40th Mississippi
  • 1st Mississippi Battalion
Adams's Brigade

   BG John Adams (k)
   Col Robert Lowry

  • 6th Mississippi
  • 14th Mississippi
  • 15th Mississippi
  • 20th Mississippi
  • 23d Mississippi
  • 43d Mississippi
Scott's Brigade

   BG Thomas M. Scott (w)
   Col John Snodgrass

  • 27th Alabama
  • 35th Alabama
  • 49th Alabama
  • 55th Alabama
  • 57th Alabama
  • 12th Louisiana

French's Division
     Maj. Gen. Samuel G. French

Ector's Brigade

   Col David Coleman

  • 29th North Carolina
  • 39th North Carolina
  • 9th Texas
  • 10th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
  • 14th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
  • 32nd Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
Cockrell's Brigade

   BG Francis M. Cockrell (w)
   Col Peter C. Flournoy

  • 1st Missouri
  • 2nd Missouri
  • 3rd Missouri
  • 4th Missouri
  • 5th Missouri
  • 6th Missouri
  • 1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted)
  • 3rd Missouri Cavalry Battalion (dismounted)
Sears's Brigade

   BG Claudius Sears

  • 4th Mississippi
  • 35th Mississippi
  • 36th Mississippi
  • 39th Mississippi
  • 46th Mississippi
  • 7th Mississippi Battalion

Walthall's Division
     MG Edward C. Walthall

Quarles's Brigade

   BG William A. Quarles (wounded at Franklin, captured Dec. 17th)
   BG George D. Johnston (Nashville)

  • 1st Alabama
  • 42nd Tennessee
  • 46th Tennessee
  • 48th Tennessee
  • 49th Tennessee
  • 53rd Tennessee
  • 55th Tennessee
Cantey's Brigade

   BG Charles M. Shelley

Reynold's Brigade

   BG Daniel H. Reynolds

Corps Artillery
     Ltc Samuel C. Williams

Truehart's Battalion
  • Lumsden's Alabama Battery
  • Selden's Alabama Battery
Myrick's Battalion
Storrs' Battalion
  • Guibor's Missouri Battery
  • Hoskin's Miss Battery
  • Kolb's Alabama Battery

Cheatham's Corps[edit]

MG Benjamin F. Cheatham

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Cleburne's Division
     MG Patrick Cleburne (k)
     BG James A. Smith

Lowrey's Brigade

   BG Mark P. Lowrey

Govan's Brigade

   BG Daniel C. Govan

Granbury's Brigade

   BG Hiram B. Granbury (k)
   Cpt E. T. Broughton

  • 5th Confederate
  • 35th Tennessee
  • 6th-10th Texas
  • 7th Texas
  • 15th Texas
  • 17th-18th-24th-25th Texas Cavalry (dismounted)
  • Nutt's Louisiana Cavalry (dismounted)
Smith's Brigade (on detached duty)

   BG James A. Smith
   Col Charles H. Olmstead

  • 54th Georgia
  • 57th Georgia
  • 63rd Georgia
  • 1st Georgia Volunteers

Brown's (Cheatham's Old) Division
     MG John C. Brown (w)
     BG Mark P. Lowrey

Gist's Brigade

   BG States Rights Gist (k)
   Ltc Zachariah L. Watters

  • 46th Georgia
  • 65th Georgia
  • 2nd Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion
  • 16th South Carolina
  • 24th South Carolina
Maney's Brigade

   BG John C. Carter (mw)
   Col Hume R. Field

  • 1st-27th Tennessee
  • 4th Tennessee (provisional)
  • 6th-9th Tennessee
  • 8th Tennessee
  • 16th Tennessee
  • 28th Tennessee
  • 50th Tennessee
Strahl's Brigade

   BG Otho F. Strahl (k)
   Col Andrew J. Kellar

  • 4th-5th Tennessee
  • 19th Tennessee
  • 24th Tennessee
  • 31st Tennessee
  • 33d Tennessee
  • 38th Tennessee
  • 41st Tennessee
Vaughan's Brigade

   BG George W. Gordon (c)
   Col William M. Watkins

  • 11th Tennessee
  • 12th-47th Tennessee
  • 13th-154th Tennessee
  • 29th Tennessee
  • 51st-52nd Tennessee

Bate's Division
     MG William B. Bate

Tyler's Brigade

   BG Thomas B. Smith (c, Nashville)

  • 37th Georgia
  • 4th Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion
  • 2nd Tennessee
  • 10th Tennessee
  • 20th Tennessee
  • 37th Tennessee
Finley's Brigade

   Col Robert Bullock
   Maj Jacob A. Lash

  • 1st-3rd Florida
  • 4th Florida
  • 6th Florida
  • 7th Florida
  • 1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted)
Jackson's Brigade

   BG Henry R. Jackson (c, Nashville)

Corps Artillery
     Col Melancthon Smith

Hoxton's Battalion
  • Phelan's Alabama Battery
  • Perry's Florida Battery
  • Turner's Miss Battery
Hotchkiss's Battalion
  • Goldthwaite's Alabama Battery
  • Key's Arkansas Battery
  • Bledsoe's Missouri Battery
Cobb's Battalion
  • Slocumb's Louisiana Battery
  • Ferguson's South Carolina Battery
  • Phillip's [Mabane's] Tennessee Battery

Cavalry Corps[edit]

MG Nathan B. Forrest

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Chalmers' Division
     BG James R. Chalmers

Rucker's Brigade

   Col Edmund W. Rucker (W & C, Nashville)

  • 7th Alabama Cavalry
  • 5th Mississippi Cavalry
  • 7th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 12th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 14th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 15th Tennessee Cavalry
  • Forrest's Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry
Biffle's Brigade

   Col Jacob B. Biffle

  • 4th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 10th Tennessee Cavalry

Buford's Division
     BG Abraham Buford

Bell's Brigade

   Col Tyree H. Bell

Crossland's Brigade

   Col Edward Crossland

Jackson's Division
     BG William H. Jackson

Armstrong's Brigade

   BG Frank C. Armstrong

  • 1st Mississippi Cavalry
  • 2nd Mississippi Cavalry
  • 28th Mississippi Cavalry
  • Ballentine's Mississippi Regiment
Ross's Brigade

   BG Lawrence S. Ross

  • 3rd Texas Cavalry
  • 6th Texas Cavalry
  • 9th Texas Cavalry
  • 27th Texas Cavalry
  • 1st Texas Legion
  • Morton's Tennessee Battery