Battle of Furnes

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Battle of Furnes
Part of the Franco-Flemish War
Bataille de Furnes (1297).png
Date20 August 1297
Bulskamp, Veurne (Furnes)
Result French victory[1]
Arms of the Kings of France (France Ancien).svg Kingdom of France Arms of Flanders.svg County of Flanders
Commanders and leaders
Blason province fr Artois.svg Robert II of Artois Arms of Flanders.svg Guy of Dampierre
Walram, Count of Jülich  

The Battle of Furnes was fought on 20 August 1297 between French and Flemish forces.

The French were led by Robert II of Artois and the Flemish by Guy of Dampierre. The French forces were victorious. However, Robert's son Philip was gravely wounded during the battle and died a year later of his wounds.[2]

The Flemish were supported by Walram, Count of Jülich, who was killed during the battle.


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