Battle of Gaza

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Battle of Gaza may refer to:

  • Battle of Gaza (312 BC), fought between Ptolemy I of Egypt and Demetrius I of Macedon
  • Battle of Raphia, also known as Battle of Gaza, fought between Ptolemy IV of Egypt and Antiochus III the Great of the Seleucid kingdom in 217 BC
  • Battle of Gaza (1239), a battle of the Barons' Crusade
  • Three World War I battles between British forces and those of the Ottoman Turks:
  • Battle of Gaza (2007), a struggle between Fatah and Hamas for control of the Gaza Strip won by Hamas
  • Gaza War (2008–09), a three-week Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire on Israel
  • Gaza War (2012), an eight day raid on the Gaza Strip by Israel also in response to Hamas rocket fire
  • Gaza War (2014), a seven week long Israel-Hamas conflict over rocket fire, kidnapping, and a tunnel system used for smuggling in Gaza