Battle of Gondra

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Battle of Gondra
Part of the Chaco War
Date11 to 15 July 1933
23°20′15″S 59°54′25″W / 23.3375°S 59.906944°W / -23.3375; -59.906944
Result indecisive
Bolivia 4th Bolivian Division Paraguay 1st Paraguayan Division
Commanders and leaders
Bolivia Enrique Peñaranda Paraguay Rafael Franco
Casualties and losses
~ 100 dead
21 prisoners
51 dead
136 wounded
Battle of Gondra is located in Paraguay
Battle of Gondra
Location within Paraguay

The Battle of Gondra occurred during the Chaco War between the Bolivian 4th Division, "The Brave Fourth", and the Paraguayan 1st Division, "The Iron Division", stationed around Fort Gondra, from 11 to 15 July 1933, in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Nanawa. The 1st Division enveloped the Bolivian 4th after a series of assaults through the dense woods southwest of Gondra. The Bolivian 34th infantry and the "Lanza" cavalry regiment, led by captain German Busch, fought a rearguard action which allowed the encircled troops to withdraw northward, toward Campo 31, an open field leading to Alihuatá. Meanwhile, the 3rd "Pérez" infantry regiment built up a new blocking position in the eastern part of Campo Vía, a dried bed six kilometers west of Gondra, which prevented any further Paraguayan advance. On 15 July, the Bolivian troops retreated unmolested from the pocket, carrying out all their heavy equipment with them.


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Coordinates: 23°20′15″S 59°54′25″W / 23.33750°S 59.90694°W / -23.33750; -59.90694