Battle of Gorangpo

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Battle of Gorangpo
Part of Korean War
Date 25-26 June 1950
Location Gorangpo
Result DPRK victory
Successful ROK withdrawal
 Democratic People's Republic of Korea  Republic of Korea
Commanders and leaders
North Korea Choe Gwang
North Korea Bang Ho-san
North Korea Hwang Seok
North Korea Kim Yang-choon
North Korea Lee Chang-kwon
North Korea Hyun Hak-bong
North Korea Kim Hoo-jin
North Korea Han Il-rae
North Korea Kim Hyun-ki
North Korea Lim Hae-min
South Korea Paik Sun-yup
South Korea Choe Kyung-rok
South Korea Kim Jeom-gon
South Korea Kim Ik-ryeol
South Korea Choe Young-hee
1st Infantry Division
6th Infantry Division
1st Infantry Division

The Battle of Gorangpo was one of a series of coordinated attacks beginning on 25 June 1950 that marked the beginning of the Korean War.[1]

Order of battle[edit]

Democratic People's Republic of Korea[edit]

  • 1st Infantry Division - Brigadier General Choe Kwang
    • 1st Infantry Regiment - Colonel Hwang Seok
    • 2nd Infantry Regiment - Colonel Kim Yang-choon
    • 3rd Infantry Regiment - Senior Colonel Lee Chang-kwon
    • Artillery Regiment - Colonel Hyun Hak-bong
  • 6th Infantry Division - Brigadier General Bang Ho-san
    • 13th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Kim Hoo-jin
    • 14th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Han Il-rae
    • 15th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Kim Hyun-ki
    • Artillery Regiment - Senior Colonel Lim Hae-min

Republic of Korea[edit]

  • 1st Infantry Division - Colonel Paik Sun-yup
    • 11th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Choe Kyung-rok
    • 12th Infantry Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Kim Jeom-gon
    • 13th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Kim Ik-ryeol
    • 15th Infantry Regiment - Colonel Choe Young-hee


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