Battle of Hühnerwasser

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The Battle of Hühnerwasser was a minor engagement during the Austro-Prussian War. It was the first engagement in the opening days of the Königgrätz campaign, fought in Bohemia on 26 June 1866. It was fought between troops of the Prussian Elbe army and troops from the Austrian I Corps, led by Leopold Gondrecourt.

Leopold Gondrecourt ordered his troops – a battalion of Slovak jäger and a battalion of Hungarian line infantry – to attack the Prussian outposts at Hühnerwasser and throw them back across the Iser. The attacking troops stumbled across a Prussian company stationed between the trees, which alarmed the rest of the Prussian force. The four Prussian companies used the advantage of the Dreyse needle gun to stop Austrian attacks. Gondrecourt then recalled his troops and retreated to Münchengratz, having lost 277 men. Prussian losses were 50 men.


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Coordinates: 50°35′10″N 14°48′15″E / 50.586029°N 14.8041556°E / 50.586029; 14.8041556