Battle of Halani

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The Battle of Halani was fought in 1782 between the Baloch tribe Talpurs and the Sindhi tribe Kalhora for the control of the Sindh region, in modern-day Pakistan. The Talpurs, led by Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur, won the battle over Mian Abdul Nabi Kalhoro who became the last ruler of the Kalhora Dynasty.

The Kalhora dynasty of Nawabs were supported by the Durrani Emirate. While the Talpurs traced their roots back to Nader Shah had Qajar and possibly slight nominal support from the Great Mogul.

At the Battle of Halani both sides ferociously deployed the usage of gunpowder weaponry. The battle was described by a future chronicler with one word Atishfishan (meaning "blazing flame"), this battle was even fought between gunboats in the Indus river.

The Talpur dynasty ruled in Sindh until defeated by the British forces at the battle of Miani in 1843.


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