Battle of Hova

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Battle of Hova
Part of The war against Valdemar Birgersson
Date 14 June 1275
Location Hova, Sweden
Result Victory for duke Magnus
Commanders and leaders
duke Magnus & Eric Valdemar of Sweden
100 Danish provided by Erik Klipping, 700 Danish and German provided by count Jacob of Halland [1]

The Battle of Hova was fought in Hova, Sweden on 14 June 1275 between peasants commanded by Valdemar of Sweden and Danish cavalry commanded by Magnus III of Sweden and his brother Erik. The result was that Valdemar had to flee to Norway and Magnus became king of Sweden as Magnus III. It was a part of the war against Valdemar Birgersson which was a conflict between Magnus III of Sweden and Valdemar Birgersson. Magnus was supported by the Danish crown with at least a 100 men (source is unsure).[1][better source needed]


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