Battle of Huamantla

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Battle of Huamantla
Part of the Mexican–American War
The death of Capt. Walker
DateOctober 9, 1847
Result American victory
 United States  Mexico
Commanders and leaders
United States Joseph Lane Mexico Antonio López de Santa Anna
2,700[1]: 330  2,000[1]: 331 
Casualties and losses
13 killed
22 wounded[1]: 331 
10 missing.

The Battle of Huamantla was a U.S. victory late in the Mexican–American War that forced the Mexican Army to lift the siege of Puebla.[1]: 331 


Santa Anna left Puebla at the end of Sept., to intercept Joseph Lane's relief column, planning an ambush at Paso del Pintal.[1]: 331  Learning of Santa Anna's men at Huamantla, Lane left his train under guard and marched toward that city, Captain Samuel H. Walker's four companies of cavalry in the lead.[1]: 331 


Walker charged, upon seeing Santa Anna's lancers, driving the Mexicans from the town.[1]: 331  Santa Anna led a counterattack, Walker was shot by a civilian in a nearby house, and his men retreated into a church.[1]: 331  The Mexicans then retreated to Querétaro.[1]: 331 

Lane turned his troops loose in a drunken sack of the town.[1]: 331  They reached Puebla on 12 Oct. to lift the siege.[1]: 331 

Order of battle[edit]

United States[edit]

Brigade Regiments and Other
Lane's Brigade[2][3]

   BG Joseph Lane

  • 4th Indiana Volunteer Infantry: Colonel Willis A. Gorman
  • 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry battalion: Colonel Francis Murray Wynkoop
  • 9th U.S. Infantry, four companies: Major Folliot T. Lally
  • 2nd U.S. Infantry, detachment of six companies: Captain Samuel P. Heintzelman
  • Mounted detachment: Captain Samuel H. Walker
    • Texas Mounted Infantry: Captain Samuel H. Walker
    • Louisiana Cavalry: Captain Besacon
    • Louisiana Cavalry: Captain Lewis
    • Georgia Cavalry: Captain Loyal
  • 3rd Artillery Battalion: Captain George Taylor
    • Field’s Battery: Lt Field
Guarding Supply Train


  • 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry: Colonel Charles H. Brough
  • 7th U.S. Infantry, detachment: Captain Simmons
  • Pratt's Battery, 2nd U.S. Artillery: Lt Pratt


Mexican Army: General Antonio López de Santa Anna

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  • Nevin, David; editor, The Mexican War (1978)

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