Battle of Isaszeg (1265)

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For other battles there, see Battle of Isaszeg (disambiguation).
Battle of Isaszeg
Date March 1265
Location Isaszeg
Result Decisive victory of Duke Stephen
King Béla IV Duke Stephen
Commanders and leaders
Béla of Macsó
Henry Kőszegi (POW)
Henry Preussel Executed
Duke Stephen
Peter Csák

The Battle of Isaszeg was fought between King Béla IV of Hungary and his son, Stephen, who served as Junior King and Duke of Transylvania. Stephen defeated his father's army in the subsequent peace Béla was obliged to cede the government of the Eastern parts of his kingdom again to his son.

On 23 March 1266, father and son confirmed the peace in the Convent of the Blessed Virgin on the Nyulak szigete ('Rabbits' Island').


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