Battle of Jodoigne

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Battle of Jodoigne
Bor-Nederlantsche-oorloghen MGG 1260.tif
Battle of Jodoigne/Battle of Geldenaken. Bor Nederlantsche oorloghen
Date October 16, 1568
Location Jodoigne, Spanish Netherlands
(present-day Belgium)
Result Decisive Spanish victory
Spain Spain Dutch Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Duke of Alba William the Silent
16,000 infantry
5,500 cavalry
21,000 infantry
9,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
20 dead 3,000 dead

The Battle of Jodoigne was fought October 20th 1568 between Spanish and Dutch forces. The Spanish under Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba destroyed the rear guard of William the Silent's invading army, forcing him to abandon his invasion of the Netherlands and to retreat into Germany.[1]

The Dutch outnumbered the Spanish army, but were caught off-guard by the Spanish attack. This resulted in a crushing defeat for the Dutch.


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Coordinates: 50°43′N 4°52′E / 50.717°N 4.867°E / 50.717; 4.867