Battle of Jolo (1974)

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Battle of Jolo
Part of the Moro insurgency in the Philippines
DateFebruary 4–11, 1974[1]

Decisive Philippine Government victory

Moro National Liberation Front


Commanders and leaders
Nur Misuari - MNLF Leader

Philippines Ferdinand Marcos - Commander-in-Chief

Philippines Col. Salvador M. Mison - 14th Infantry Battalion leader

The Battle of Jolo was a military confrontation between the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Government of the Philippines in February 1974 on the municipality of Jolo, in the southern Philippines. MNLF Forces initially managed to control the municipality, except the airport and an adjacent military camp. Government Forces led by the 14th Infantry Battalion managed to regain control of the town.[1][2]


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