Battle of Kahe

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Battle of Kahe
Part of East African Campaign
Date 18 March 1916
Location Kahe, German East Africa
Result British Empire Victory

German Empire German Empire

 British Empire
Commanders and leaders
Hans Von Kruggenmeyer General Sheppard
2,000 soldiers 500 soldiers
Casualties and losses
686 killed and 200 captured 21 killed

The Battle of Kahe was fought during the East African Campaign of World War I. It was the last action between German and Entente forces before the German retreat from the Kilimanjaro area. British and South African forces surrounded German positions at Kahe, south of Mount Kilimanjaro. Entente forces inflicted heavy casualties[1] and captured large German artillery pieces while receiving comparably little casualties. German forces retreated from there, further into the interior of the colony.


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Coordinates: 2°16′00″S 37°52′00″E / 2.266667°S 37.866667°E / -2.266667; 37.866667