Battle of Karánsebes

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The Battle of Karánsebes (Romanian: Caransebeș, Turkish: Şebeş Muharebesi) was a possibly apocryphal friendly fire incident in the Austro–Turkish War of 1787–1791.

Published sources[edit]

The earliest major source detailing this battle is from Geschichte Josephs des Zweiten by A. J. Gross-Hoffinger, written 59 years after the battle's supposed occurrence, and most authors tend to cite this account. The earliest source for this battle was from History of the eighteenth century and of the nineteenth till the overthrow of the French empire, with particular reference to mental cultivation and progress, which was published in 1843, 55 years after the incident. This source refers readers to the "Austrian Military Magazine of 1831" to find a more complete account of the battle:

"A detailed account of the singular story of this night-march and its consequences does not appear to us to belong to the province of general history; it will however be found both authentic and complete in the Austrian Military Magazine of 1831."[1]

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