Battle of Kartarpur

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Battle of Kartarpur
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
Date 25-April-1635
Location North of Jallandhar at Kartarpur
Result Sikh Victory
Punjab region
Sikh militia Mughal Empire
Commanders and leaders
Guru Hargobind
Bhai Bidhi Chand
Baba Gurdita
Shah Jahan
Qutab Khan of Jullundar 
Kale Khan 

The Battle of Kartarpur was a 1635 siege of Kartarpur by the Mughal Empire and was the last major battle of the Mughal-Sikh Wars.[1] As part of a campaign against the "Sikhs of Guru Hargobind", the sixth Sikh Guru, a Mughal army led by Painde Khan laid siege to Kartarpur. Kartarpur was defended by Bhai Bidhi Chand with Guru Hargobind and his son Baba Gurdita supporting him. The Mughal force was "heavily repulsed" by the Sikhs and lost several commanders.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°19′32″N 75°34′45″E / 31.32556°N 75.57917°E / 31.32556; 75.57917