Battle of Khalil

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Battle of Khalil
Part of Northern Mali conflict
Date 22–23 February 2013
(1 day)
Location In Khalil, Mali
Result French-Azawad Victory
Arab Movement of Azawad (MAA) MOJWA
Ansar al-Sharia (Mali)
Commanders and leaders
Boubacar Taleb
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses


4 Wounded


9 Captured

The Battle of Khalil took place on 22–23 February 2013 and was part of the Northern Mali conflict, the battle began on the 22nd with two suicide bombings.

According to the MNLA, the first suicide bomber attempted to drive his car into a building, but the car was destroyed by fighters ahead of impact. A second car then drove into the groups local operations center and exploded, instantly killing four including three MNLA fighters and the bomber. The MUJAO immediately claimed responsibility for both bombings and said it specifically targeted the MNLA for their part in siding with the French intervention. On 23 February, the MAA claimed to have attacked In-Khalil and taken full control over the area. The MNLA then renewed a counter-attack on Khalil. Over the course of the fighting French fighter jets regularly supported MNLA units. The battle resulted in the French of MNLA re-taking the town of In Khalil from the Islamist groups Ansar Dine and AQIM.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 21°11′19″N 1°02′29″E / 21.1886°N 1.0414°E / 21.1886; 1.0414