Battle of Kharkov

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The Battle of Kharkov was any one of four World War II battles in and near the city of Kharkov. In usage the term is sometimes indistinct, perhaps meaning the collection of all fighting at Kharkov including and in between the four named battles, or perhaps meaning just one of the battles without specifying which. For example, soldiers have received awards "for their action in the Battle of Kharkov".

The four named battles are:

  • First Battle of Kharkov, an October 1941 battle in which German troops captured the city
  • Second Battle of Kharkov, a May 1942 battle in which Soviet forces attempted to retake the city
  • Third Battle of Kharkov, a February 1943 battle in which Soviet forces were driven out again, and the Germans forces retook the city
  • Belgorod-Khar'kov Offensive Operation, also known as Fourth Battle of Kharkov, an August 1943 battle in which Soviet forces retook the city. This operation is usually referred to as the Fourth Battle of Kharkov by the Germans and as the Belgorod–Kharkov offensive operation by the Soviets.[1]


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