Battle of Kiev (December 1919)

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Battle of Kiev (December 1919)
DateDecember 10–16, 1919
Result Bolshevik victory
Red Army Russia White Army
Commanders and leaders
Sergei Mezheninov
Ivan Fedko
Ivan Naumovich Dubovoy
Russia Abram Dragomirov

The Battle of Kiev of December 1919 was the third of three battles fought that year in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine during the Russian Civil War.

The Kiev operation (December 10–16, 1919) was an offensive operation of the 12th Army under command of Sergei Mezheninov against some 9,000 White Guard troops under command of Abram Dragomirov.

The 58th Infantry Division of the 12th Army was advancing to Kiev from the west, and the 44th Infantry Division from the east. On December 10, the 44th Infantry Division of the 12th Army withdrew to the Dnieper River.

On the night of 15 to 16 December, with the assistance of local fisherman PK Alekseenko (Alekseyev), the 44th Infantry Division under command of Ivan Naumovich Dubovoy forced the Dnieper, which was just starting to freeze. Early on the morning of December 16, the Reds unexpectedly attacked the White's positions from the rear and occupied the bridges. After a twelve-hour battle, the Whites retreated. On the same day, the 58th Infantry Division under command of Ivan Fedko entered the city.