Battle of Kjølberg Bridge

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The Battle of Kjølberg bridge
Part of the Swedish-Norwegian War of 1814
Minnes tavla över slaget vid Kjölbergs bro.jpg
Plaque of the Battle of Kjølberg bridge August 14, 1814.
Date14 August 1814
Kjølberg bridge, north of Fredrikstad, Norway
Result Swedish victory
Norway Norway Sweden Sweden
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Gustav Fredrik Mörner
600 men 75 men
Casualties and losses
Unknown dead and wounded
30 captured
3 dead
15 wounded

The Battle of Kjølberg Bridge (Swedish: Slaget vid Kjølbergs bro) was fought 14 August 1814, during the Swedish–Norwegian war of 1814. The Swedish army had problems repairing the bridge due to constant fire from the Norwegian side of the river. It was then a small Swedish force of 75 men passed over the river at a hidden point. Once over they waited for reinforcements but none came; but instead the order of attacking the vastly larger Norwegian force. The Colonel response to the attack order have been famous "It is unreasonable to attack with only 75 men when you face a whole regiment." "But such an order isn't given to me twice. March!" During cheers the Swedes rushed up the hill toward the mansion that was occupied with 600 men. The attack was surprising and decisive. The Norwegians quickly left the stand. This was the last battle fought during the Swedish–Norwegian War. The Convention of Moss, providing a cease fire agreement, was signed that same day.[1] [2]

The last shots were fired north of the bridge with the Norwegians in retreat.[3] [4]

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