Battle of Kočevje

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Battle of Kočevje
Part of World War II in Yugoslavia
Date 9 December 1943 - December 12, 1943
Location Kočevje
Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral
Slovene Nation Slovene Partisans  Germany
Slovene Home Guard
Tone Tomšič Brigade, Ljubo Šercer Brigade, Loška Brigade 150 German police and some 100 Slovene Home Guard members

The Battle of Kočevje (Slovene: bitka za Kočevje) was an encounter between the Slovene Partisans, the armed wing of the pro-Allies Liberation Front of the Slovene People and on the other hand the German occupying forces and the pro-Axis Slovene Home Guard in Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral during World War II.

Under the command of Mirko Bračič at midnight on 9 December 1943 the town of Kočevje (German: Gotschee) was attacked by three Slovene Partisans brigades. The attack was supported by the partisan artillery and mortars.

The Kočevje mine, student hostel, school and some other important buildings in the city were captured by the partisans. The remnats of the German-Home Guard garrison retreated into the Gotschee Castle where it remained protected by its thick walls until from Ljubljana came two German relief columns under the command of Oskar von Niedermayer and broke the partisan encirclement, rescuing the besieged German garrison on 12 December 1943.[1]


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