Battle of Kompong Speu

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Battle of Kompong Speu
Part of Vietnam War
Date12-16 June 1970
LocationKompong Speu, Cambodia
11°16′N 104°19′E / 11.26°N 104.32°E / 11.26; 104.32 (Kompong Speu)Coordinates: 11°16′N 104°19′E / 11.26°N 104.32°E / 11.26; 104.32 (Kompong Speu)
Result ARVN and Cambodian Victory
Vietnam North Vietnam  South Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
1,400 South Vietnam 4,000
Khmer Republic 2,000
Casualties and losses
183 killed(see body count claims) South Vietnam 4 killed

The Battle of Kompong Speu began on June 12, 1970 when the combined forces of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and the Khmer National Armed Forces (FANK) fought to recapture the provincial capital of Kampong Speu. The town was captured by People's Army of Vietnam forces on 13 June but was retaken by ARVN/FANK forces on 16 June.


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