Battle of Koniecpol

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Battle of Koniecpol
Part of the Great Northern War
Date November 21, 1708
Location Koniecpol, Poland
Result Decisive Augustus supporters victory
Blason Auguste II de Pologne (1670-1733).svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (supporters of king Augustus II the Strong) COA polish king Stanislas Leszczynski.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (supporters of king Stanisław Leszczyński)
Commanders and leaders
POL COA Wydra.svg Jakub Zygmunt Rybiński
POL COA Waga.svg Ludwik Konstanty Pociej
POL COA Pilawa.svg Józef Potocki
10,000 men 10,000 men
Casualties and losses
200 killed,
unknown number of wounded[1]
380 killed,
1,000 wounded,
2,000 captured[1]

The Battle of Koniecpol was an encounter in November 1708 during the Great Northern War. Near Koniecpol in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, pro-Swedish forces under Stanisław Leszczyński met with anti-Swedish forces of the Sandomierz Confederation, loyal to Augustus the Strong and allied with Russia. Both armies had a strength of about 10,000 men.[2] Leszczyński was defeated, and thus unable to aid Charles XII of Sweden in his unfortunate Russian campaign.[1]


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