Battle of Korakesion

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The Battle of Korakesion, also known as the Battle of Coracesium, was a naval battle fought in 67 BC between the pirates of Cilicia and Pompey of ancient Rome. Plutarch describes it as the key battle of Pompey's clearing of the Mediterranean of pirates after several smaller battles. He writes of the battle that the pirates had about one thousand ships (almost certainly an exaggeration) against Pompey's two hundred, but were defeated in the initial naval engagement.

After retreating to the shore, the pirates were apparently besieged in the town of Coracesium, modern day Alanya, before surrendering.[1]


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Coordinates: 36°31′48″N 32°0′36″E / 36.53000°N 32.01000°E / 36.53000; 32.01000