Battle of Krivasoo

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Battle of Krivasoo
Part of Estonian War of Independence
DateNovember 18, 1919 - December 30, 1919
Location59°15′21″N 27°55′57″E / 59.2558°N 27.9326°E / 59.2558; 27.9326Coordinates: 59°15′21″N 27°55′57″E / 59.2558°N 27.9326°E / 59.2558; 27.9326
Result Estonian victory
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia Flag RSFSR 1918.svg Soviet Russia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Estonia.svg Aleksander Tõnisson Flag RSFSR 1918.svg Vladimir Gittis
15,000 men
160 cannons
40,000 men
200 cannons
Casualties and losses
? ?

Battle of Krivasoo (Estonian: Krivasoo lahing; November 18, 1919 - December 30, 1919) took place near the Krivasoo,[1] Estonia during the Estonian War of Independence between the Estonian Army and the Red Army.