Battle of Kursk order of battle

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The Battle of Kursk order of battle is a list of the significant units that fought in the Battle of Kursk between July and August 1943.



Army Group Centre (Günther von Kluge)[edit]

Army Group South (Erich von Manstein)[edit]



Western Front (Vasily Sokolovsky)[edit]

Bryansk Front (Markian Popov)[edit]

Central Front (Konstantin Rokossovsky)[edit]

Voronezh Front (Nikolai Vatutin)[edit]

Steppe Front (Ivan Konev)[edit]

This order of battle does not show the complete composition of the Steppe Front. In addition to the units listed below, there are also the 4th Guards, 27th, 47th and 53rd Armies. [4]


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