Battle of Kuju

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Not to be confused with Siege of Kuju.
Battle of Gwiju
Part of Third Goryeo-Khitan War
Date 10 March 1019
Location Kuju (present-day Kusong), North Pyongan
Result Decisive Goryeo victory
Khitan Liao Goryeo
Commanders and leaders
Xiao Paiya Gang Gam-chan
Gang Min-cheom
Kim Jong-hyeon[1]
100,000[1] 208,000[1]
Casualties and losses
90,000+ few
Battle of Kuju
Hangul 귀주대첩
Hanja 龜州大捷
Revised Romanization Guju Daecheop
McCune–Reischauer Kuiju Taech'ŏp

The Battle of Gwiju, which occurred in 1019, was the major battle during the Third Goryeo-Khitan War (1018-1019).

After crossing the Aprok River, the Khitan troops invaded Korea. But the Korean general Gang Gam-chan dammed a stream and released it as the Khitan troops were crossing. Despite suffering significant casualties, some Khitan troops marched to Gaegyeong, the capital of Korea.

During their campaign, general Gang Gam-chan cut the supplies of the Khitan troops and harassed them relentlessly. Exhausted, the Khitan troops decided to retreat hastily northward. Monitoring the movement of their troops, general Gang Gam-chan attacked them in the vicinity of Gwiju, ending in a complete victory for the Goryeo Dynasty.


After the battle, peace negotiations followed and the Khitan did not invade Korea again.[1] Korea entered in a long and peaceful period with their foreign neighbours across the Aprok river. The victory at the battle of Hong-Hwa-Jin is today called one of the three greatest military victories (other victories are Battle of Salsu and Battle of Hansando) in Korean history.

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